Options are great—having options, keeping your options open, opting in or opting out—every one of us is unique, so you should be able to do you. That’s why we strive to provide as many safe, all-natural body care options as possible.

But with 3 natural deodorant formulas and 7 scents to choose from, it can be difficult to know which to pick. This one, that one? Which one’s the right one? Breathe. We’re here to help. Let’s start by breaking down the differences between our two bestsellers – Baking Soda Deodorant and Baking Soda Free Deodorant.

Baking Soda

Pretty Frank Baking Soda Deodorant is a good fit for most people. Like all our deodorants, it’s aluminum-free and allows your body to sweat out toxins as Mother Nature intended. The active ingredient, baking soda, works to eliminate body odor caused by bacteria (remember, sweat is odorless). But some people are sensitive to the alkaline pH of baking soda, and therefore need an alternative solution.

Why Choose Baking Soda Deodorant?

  • You want an effective, natural solution.
  • You don’t have sensitive skin.

Baking Soda Free

A recent breakthrough in the wonderful world of natural deodorant, Pretty Frank Baking Soda Free Deodorant is the very first of its kind – offering a highly-effective option for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s made with non-nano zinc & magnesium, which means it stays on the surface of your skin and won’t inhibit the body’s natural sweating process. Plus, zinc is naturally antimicrobial (adios odor-causing bacteria) and helps soothe and protect the skin.

Why Choose Baking Soda Free Deodorant?

  • You want an effective, natural solution.
  • You have a baking soda sensitivity or otherwise sensitive skin.


Still not sure which one to choose? Pick up a mini of each to test ’em out. If you’re new around here, we recommend you start with an unscented version, as some people can have sensitivities to essential oils. Once you find your perfect formula, our scent samplers are a great way to find your favorite.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect pit paste. If you’re still left with lingering questions, just drop us a line in the comments.