Sure, a serum for your armpits might sound a little too la-tee-dah for some, but our soothing oil isn’t just a nice-to-have little extra; it’s a must-have for anyone using natural deodorant. Or anyone with armpits, really. Here’s why:

Pit Detox.

The pit detox process can be, shall we say… unpleasant? But it doesn’t have to be. We offer our soothing oil to help soothe and protect your skin during the transition to natural deodorant. Without it, you might end up sitting at your desk with ice packs under your arms cursing the day you ever stumbled across us on the interwebs. Armpit rash is no fun.

Baking Soda Sensitivity.

Some pits can tolerate baking soda deodorant, and some can’t. If baking soda leaves you with red, itchy pits, we have baking soda free alternatives – zinc, activated charcoal, magnesium, and a witch hazel spray. But if you’re committed to staying the course with your favorite baking soda pit paste, layering oil underneath can help protect your pits. If you aren’t sure how your pits will respond to baking soda, using Skin Soothing Oil first is a good safety net to prevent potential irritation.

Other Sensitivities.

Even if baking soda isn’t a problem for you, those pits of yours may still be sensitive to things like certain pure essential oils. Should you find yourself with any irritation, we recommend discontinuing use immediately. Then, use Pit Primer to help your pits get back to normal. Ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and calendula help soothe, calm, and moisturize.

Razor Burn.

If you shave your pits, Soothing Oil works wonders to help minimize razor burn. Roll it on post-shave and voila – razor burn no more. Our Skin Soothing Oil. It’s made with the same ingredients as our previous Pit Primer, but you get twice as much product and the pump dispenser makes covering a larger surface area much easier (hint: legs, face, downstairs).

Ingrown Hairs.

The same goes for ingrown hairs. Think of our Skin Soothing oil as your post-shave miracle.

Pits Should Be Pretty Too.

Just like you the rest of your skin, your pits deserve some TLC too. Incorporating Skin soothing oil into your regular routine will leave you with tank-top-ready pits year-round.




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