Putting on deodorant is usually one of those tasks you do without thinking. But switching to natural deodorant comes with a shift in mindset – you start to think and act with more intention. Rather than just mindlessly rubbing lord-only-knows-what into your pits, here’s how to use the good stuff:

Start with clean pits.

~fUn~ fact: sweat doesn’t smell. The real culprit behind B.O. is the bacteria that feed on your sweat and then poop it out. Yeah. You read that right. So to get the most out of your natural deodorant, start with a clean palette (ie. freshly showered pits).

Give ‘em a break.

If you shave under your arms, don’t put on deo right away. Shaving is a form of physical exfoliation and can leave your pits more sensitive than normal. Shave ‘em at night and wait to put on deodorant until the morning. If you can’t wait, applying an after-shave oil can help minimize sensitivity.

Different strokes for different folks.

Are you a jar person or a stick person? Whichever container you prefer, there’s a right way to use it.

  • Deo Sticks: Our natural deodorant sticks are made with organic beeswax to hold their shape, so you’ll want to soften it up a bit with your body heat for 10-30 seconds before doing any swiping.
  • Deo Jars: Use your fingers to soften up the product before rubbing it in. Still have some left on your hand? Don’t wash all that moisturizing goodness off! Rub it into the backs of your hands like a makeshift lotion.

Remember, less is more.

Our natural deodorant isn’t like other deodorants; a little goes a long way. Seriously. We recommend a pea-sized amount of paste or 1-2 swipes of the stick under each pit. Overuse is the #1 way to end up with stained clothing.


If you’re new to natural deodorant, be sure to check out our info on the Pit Detox process. And if you’ve got any questions (no matter how weird you think it may be), we’re here to help! Contact us any time, day or night. Ok, preferably M-F from 8-5.