The unsung hero of sensitive skin, magnesium deodorant is the #1 choice for sensitive pits everywhere. Whether you’ve got delicate underarms or are just plain curious, here’s what you need to know.

What causes body odor?

Believe it or not, sweat is odorless; it’s the bacteria that feed off of the sweat we should bemoan for B.O. After consuming the fat and proteins they find in your sweat, the bacteria produce foul-smelling waste and move on with their lives.

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a natural mineral that is found in the earth, sea, plants, animals, and humans. About 60% of the magnesium in our bodies is found in our bones, with the rest in our tissues and fluids.

Because it’s safe and widely available, some call magnesium the “mighty mineral.” There are different types of magnesium, including magnesium hydroxide (an inorganic salt), oxide (Milk of Magnesia), sulfate (Epsom salts), and citrate (one of the most highly recommended as a supplement).

Why use magnesium in deodorant?

Because everyone’s body chemistry is unique, baking soda deodorant may not always be the best solution. When used alongside other naturally good-for-you ingredients like arrowroot powder, zinc, shea butter, or coconut oil, magnesium deodorant can provide long-lasting freshness — without the risk of skin irritation.

  • Magnesium hydroxide neutralizes odor-causing bacteria — no baking soda needed
  • Free of chemicals, additives and toxins found in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Ultra-gentle on sensitive skin

Is magnesium hydroxide deodorant the one for me?

Whether or not magnesium is the right deodorant for you will depend on your natural body chemistry – we’re all different! If you’re considering making the switch to natural deodorant, email one of our helpful Pit Partners – [email protected] to get your questions answered.

What else can magnesium do?

Magnesium has a whole host of incredible health benefits. It aids in regulating hundreds of diverse biochemical reactions in the body and acts as a catalyst to speed up the absorption of calcium — not today, osteoporosis.

It can also help lower cortisol production, thereby improving sleep and stress-induced skin imperfections. Magnesium also plays a vital role in brain function and mood; it’s been shown to lower blood pressure, prevent migraines, and reduce symptoms of PMS.

Where can you find magnesium?

The element occurs naturally in our body, but the modern world has exposed us to high concentrations of toxins that inhibit absorption. Half Americans and Europeans get less than the recommended daily intake of magnesium, which can be remedied by eating green, leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds, or taking a magnesium supplement. But be careful – ingesting too much magnesium can have a laxative effect.

Besides deodorant, you can find magnesium in a wide range of personal care products, including:

  • Body powder and lotion. Instead of talc, aluminum, parabens and other known toxins, try lotions and body powders that are made with magnesium and other healthy stuff like kaolin clay or non-GMO corn starch to lift excess oil, control odor and keep skin feeling soft.
  • Serums and oils. Whether it’s face serum that combines magnesium with other natural ingredients such as vitamins C and E, or oils that are meant to be rubbed or sprayed directly onto the skin, these products can help replace magnesium that’s lost in our modern diet and lifestyle.
  • Bath flakes or powders. Adding magnesium-enriched bath soaks to your water can help soothe muscle pain and stop cramps.



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