Though it hasn’t exactly been front of mind for many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, March is Women’s History Month. Being a female-founded company, we thought we’d mark the occasion by introducing you to some of our favorite women – the ones that work at PF.


Production Team

Where are you from and what do you do at Pretty Frank?

I’m from Texas. I started out packing the products, but now I assist in the crafting of all our products.

How did you get here?

I’ve been here 5 years now, but before that I was programming X-ray machines to check the solderability of printed circuit boards and detect voids inside the solder. I liked working in manufacturing, but it’s easy to start feeling like a number. I wanted to feel more significant; like a person. I had a friend who was working here, and it sounded like the right place for me.

What’s it like being the only woman on the production team?

It’s like working with brothers. I’ve never had brothers, but if I did, this is the closest thing I could imagine to that. I really like it; they’re good guys.

What song makes you happy?

I do have one, but it’s not very appropriate… it’s called “Shut Me Up” by Mindless Self-Indulgence. It’s really peppy and crazy-sounding. It’s a little aggressive, but it gives me a happy vibe.

What’s the most unpleasant-sounding word?

Brobdingnagian. It’s a really obnoxious way to say something’s gigantic. That word is just preposterous as hell, I’m not a big fan.

What’s your go-to deodorant?

I really like the Rose Zinc, because it doesn’t irritate me. I’m not too picky about what it comes in – stick, jar, doesn’t matter. I just don’t want to smell funny.



Social Media Coordinator

What’s your go-to deodorant scent?

Coconut Lime Baking Soda, but I also add the Unscented Body Powder for that extra protection. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it hasn’t let me down once.

Where are you from?

I moved around a lot when I was younger. I went to a few different high schools in different states around the U.S. and then finally ended up in Texas.

What song makes you happy?

Bohemian Rhapsody. Hands down. Ever since I was younger, whenever that song would be played, it just made me feel so happy. Can’t help but sing along.

What’s the weirdest thing about you?

I love horror movies so much that I put one on before bed every night and fall asleep to it. My go-to is anything from the Scream franchise.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

“Warning: Easily Distracted.” It’s the Gemini in me. It’s stressful at times and I’m always thinking of 400 different things, but I always get everything done so it works for me.

What’s the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

My senior year of high school, my sister and I were messing around and doing handstands. I was supposed to hold her legs for support, but right when she kicked her legs up, I bent down to grab something and she heeled me right in the nose. There was blood everywhere. We had to go to the E.R and it turned out I had a hairline fracture on my nose. The doctor said if she would of hit be any harder, she could of pushed the bone into my brain. Sisters can be dangerous.



Marketing Manager

Where are you from and what do you do at Pretty Frank?

I’m an Austin, Texas native, but haven’t lived here since I was 18. I’ve moved around a lot – most recently spending 4 years in China.

I’m the Marketing Manager.

What’s your go-to deodorant?

Woodlands baking soda, definitely. Unless I’ve just shaved my pits, then I do Charcoal Seaside.

Does pineapple belong on a pizza?

Sometimes, for sure. Pineapple is good on literally anything. Any kind of pizza is good pizza – as long as there’s ranch available.

Is cereal soup?

YES. Listen – soup doesn’t have to be hot. There is no definition of what liquid needs to be in soup to make it a soup. Cereal on its own is not soup, but once you add that milk, boom…soup.

What’s something you can’t go a day without doing?

Listening to a podcast. I listen anytime I’m not working – even in the shower. My go-to shows are True Crime Obsessed, Risk, and anything Radiolab does. Dolly Parton’s America was the best thing I heard all year.

What songs would be played on a loop in hell?

Baby Shark. Anything by Justin Bieber – literally anything. And whatever this new “pop” country is.




Founder & CEO

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I moved the company to Austin about 7 years ago.  I’m not sure if I can be considered an Austinite yet, but I love it here.

Any advice for other female entrepreneurs out there? Any advice for other female entrepreneurs out there?

Always trust your gut. Even when people around you are telling you “no,” you’ve just got to stay the course and do what you think is right.

What song makes you happy?

Any song from Brandi Carlile.

What fact are you’re surprised more people don’t know?

I’m still so shocked that more people don’t know the problem with deodorant containing aluminum! Definitely.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

“Warning: Filter Not Included”

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Greenwashing. I can’t believe what some companies are calling “natural” these days, and it drives me insane to see.