Listen, the armpit is a very delicate part of the body. So if you’ve got red, itchy, flaky, or otherwise sensitive pits, fear not. You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

What causes armpit irritation?

It depends. Here are some of the most common causes of armpit irritation:

Toxic deodorant.

Ingredients like aluminum, triclosan, silica, steareth-n, propylene glycol, and synthetic fragrances are linked to skin irritation and allergies. So if you’ve got burning pits, the first thing to do is toss that garbage deodorant.

If you’re already using natural, check the label. Some well-known “natural” brands still use potentially harmful ingredients that could be aggravating your skin.

Pit detox.

Once you switch to an all-natural deodorant and unblock your sweat glands, your body will react by sweating more to flush out the buildup. This temporary phase is known as pit detox. You also might experience an uptick in body odor and some tenderness in the lymph nodes as they work overtime to rid your body of toxins. It will pass, but in the meantime, check out our Skin Soothing oil to help soothe you during this rough patch.

Baking soda sensitivity.

Each of us has a unique body chemistry, which means no deodorant will work the same way for everyone. So while our baking soda deodorant is out-of-this-world for most people, it may not be right for you. It depends on whether or not your body agrees with the alkaline pH of baking soda. If you’re experiencing pit irritation while using a baking soda deodorant, for pete’s sake discontinue use! We’ve got 4 other formulations — let us help find the best one for you.

Essential oil sensitivity.

Another reason for pit irritation may be that you have a sensitivity to certain essential oils. All 9 of our fantastic flavors are made with only the highest-quality pure essential oils, but the fact is… your specific body chemistry may just not vibe with some of them. That’s why we always recommend getting a mini jar (or 2) to see how you respond to certain flavors.

What can I do about my armpit irritation?

Use Primer.

Our Skin Soothing Oil is a blend of moisturizing oils that serve as your first line of defense when it comes to armpit irritation.  To soothe angry pits, roll some under each arm before bed or try layering it under your deodorant. It’s also great at preventing ingrown hairs, minimizing razor burn, and making your beard super soft.

For Frank’s sake… don’t put on deo right after you shave.

Shaving is an intense form of physical exfoliation, so putting anything on your skin directly after shaving isn’t a great idea – freshly shaved skin is delicate and sensitive. We suggest shaving at night and applying Pretty Frank pit paste in the morning.

Try a different formula.

We have natural baking soda deodorant and baking soda free deodorant formulas, so finding the right one for you may require a bit of experimentation.

Try a different scent.

Remember, each scent contains different essential oils that may not work well with your body chemistry. All 10 (including Unscented) are available in mini jars so you can try them before committing to a full-sized deodorant.

Still have questions about pit irritation? Just ask – leave a comment below or contact us directly. We know WAY too much about armpits, and are always willing to share our knowledge.


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